NETEC was tapped by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) to create the National Special Pathogen System (NSPS) of care after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed serious gaps in the nation’s health care system. More than half a million Americans have died from COVID.

The mission of the NSPS is to provide a coordinated and standardized healthcare network to care for patients infected by (or suspected to have been infected by) a special pathogen, such COVID-19 or Ebola, in the United States. The vision of the NSPS is to sustain a special pathogen healthcare system with agile, high-quality, holistic health care that enables care continuum administrators and healthcare personnel to both provide exceptional special pathogen care and achieve organizational mission and sustainability goals. 

NETEC will work with: organizations including federal government agencies like the CDC and Veterans Health Administration (VA) as well as experts in public health policy, payer insurance, health care management and delivery. Key leaders in professional societies and associations, academic institutions and medical centers, and emergency response services will also be involved in the effort. Each member will work to enable core capabilities of the NSPS system of care, which include: collaboration agreements, investment, operations, data and technology, and workforce. 

NETEC expects to have a strategy and implementation plan for the NSPS in summer 2021.

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